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6 Ways To Ask Someone to Dance

Posted by Arthur Murray North Seattle on May 20, 2016 6:20:45 PM


Asking someone to dance can be an unnerving thing to do but definitely a necessary step in making you a wonderful and sought after dance partner! But, how do you do this!?

Here are a few ideas to make it easy for you to get out on the dance floor, and keep in mind that sometimes people do need to take breaks in between dances so don’t let the “no thank you” get you down. There are a lot of other people excited to get out on the floor and boogie down. 

Whether you are at the night club or any other social function, here are 6 ways to ask someone to dance.

1. Introduce Yourself


"Hi, I’m Eric” is a great way to start. It’s real, it’s truthful and the polite response from her is to say “Hi, I’m Jordan.” No need to make it overly extravagant, sometimes a simple offer is enough to get you two out on the floor!

2. If this seat taken?

If there’s an open seat next to a lady or gentleman, ask if you can sit there. Introduce yourself and offer your hand for a dance.

3. Start With a Compliment


“Snazzy dance shoes!” -  Everyone loves to be complimented. Being genuine is key, pick out one specific thing you notice about them and use it to open the door to a dance.

4. Make Eye Contact

Making eye contact and a nod followed by offering your hand out to your next partner is a sure way to get onto the floor quickly.


5. Ask a Question

"How long have you been dancing?” - this is also a wonderful conversation starter getting you two on the floor and learning a little bit more about your partner. Also asking “Do you learn all types of ballroom and rhythm dancing or do you have a favorite?” wouldn't  hurt.


6. Be Unexpected

Be unexpected. Asking an off-the-wall question can work when done right! Get your next partners attention and enjoy your dance together.


Final Thought:

If you particularly enjoy this dance partner you may want to ask for another dance, however unless you are at a milonga it may be considered poor form to be too eager without first making it around the room to visit the variety of partners to dance with.

The beauty in becoming an accomplished dancer is that you get to improve your social etiquette and dance ability with many varying levels of dancers. It is a beautiful social journey and having a few extra tips along the way never hurts!



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