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Arthur Murray Curve of Learning Explained

Posted by Fong Lee on Nov 9, 2016 2:00:00 PM

Arthur Murray Curve of Learning

Arthur Murray Curve of Learning in four stages

     The curve of learning is the phrase used to describe the pace associated with the learning process. Rapid progress and high spirits is what happens during the Curve of Learning on the first few dance lessons and throughout the learning of any dance program.

     There are four stages.  As you learn how to dance, you are usually in one of these stages at one point or another.  We are always progressing as the stages keep moving.  A lot of outside influences may alter or change the cycle.


     In the Initial Learning stage, you are introduced to the skill of the step, but are still learning it, and most likely need instruction to be able to execute it.


     Next, moving into the Awkward Use stage, you will have an increased awareness, but you will still feel uncoordinated and have trouble while executing.


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    Moving to the Conscious Use stage, you will be able to do the steps more effectively and with more ease; though you will still have to think about it through while dancing the pattern.


     Finally in the Natural Use stage, you will execute the step or dance in a spontaneous, comfortable and creative fashion. You will realize that this stage is reached only after a period of time in which you have continued to use and practice your dancing.


Final Thought:

     It should be noted that every Arthur Murray student is always in one of these stages, and is in different levels with different steps and dances.  Also, let us emphasize that there is no shortcut!

     You will pass through each stage.  These stages or levels of dancing are not lessons; therefore they may be applied within one lesson of teaching or be the goal of an entire program!

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