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Meet Our Team of Instructors - learn to dance in Seattle

Posted by Arthur Murray North Seattle on Feb 5, 2016 9:51:46 PM

Meet the Staff of Arthur Murray North Seattle

Arthur Murray North Seattle Dance Studio is a friendly based environment to learn to dance. The dance studio provides convenient access to dance lessons in all of Seattle area.

Our team of instructors in Arthur Murray North Seattle: Lydia, Igor, Stephenie and Fong.

Arthur Murray North Seattle Staff


  Sweet and straight forward is how she breaks it down. No nonsense small talk. She will have you in tuned for any function.

  A exciting and unique way of instruction. With just one lesson with Igor and you will be pumped and ready for any event.

  A fun and assuring instructor to all the students. Her knowledge for all the dancers is where her specialty is.

  Once you get to know him, you'll know he's in the ballroom by his laughter and playful teaching.

  Final Thought

 At Arthur Murray North Seattle, we are fully committed to bringing an elite class experience to the people in Seattle and surrounding areas. Our goal is to create a new hub in the community and a place where people can learn to dance and have fun while doing it.


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