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Partnership Dancing: the Ultimate Language of Love

Posted by Fong Lee on Jan 22, 2017 7:25:19 PM

     ballroom dancing language

     Language is considered verbal or non-verbal forms of communication. The ballroom dancing language improves the mental and physical well-being of a person. The art of ballroom dancing has evolved drastically with different ways of expression, physically and mentally as a means of competition or battle in certain cultures.

     In this article you'll discover the ultimate language of love through the art of partnership dancing.

     Dance is a way of communicating and bonding. Social dancers are usually good social communicators (or they learn through this hobby). 

     Ballroom Dancing has long been considered a universal language that communicates or expresses emotions more powerfully than words. Because of this crucial communication component, ballroom dancing has become an important tool for social interaction and bonding. In fact, people who are rhythmic and coordinated have many advantages in their lifetime.

dance-languageSix ways to ask someone to dance

     There are different ways to express feelings and emotions such as through drawing, writing, arts or music.  Ballroom dancing, however, is a way to express your unique self, connecting your body to your soul, then to your dance partner. Through ballroom dancing, emotions can be expressed by all parts of the body.

     Dancers know how easy it is to lose themselves in their dance and escape from the real world, as it can be a great escape from stress. Social dancing allows the dancer to discard the past, forget the future and be in the moment.

     There are scientific reasons why dancing makes you feel good. Any form of dancing regulates levels of serotonin and dopamine in the body, and can be an important way of improving emotional health by reducing stress. With ballroom dancing, coordinated movements with your dance partner stimulate the brain’s reward centers.

     Social dancing creates a community of like-minded individuals, which contributes to the emotional benefits of dancing, along with the confidence that is gained from pursuing the activity.

Final Thought:

     Is there anyone out there who has ever said they feel worse after dancing?  The world of mind, body and spirit brought together through ballroom dancing is what makes partnership dancing the ultimate language of love.  


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