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The Ultimate Guide to a Perfect First Wedding Dance - Part 2

Posted by Arthur Murray North Seattle on Jun 28, 2016 7:38:51 PM


     ...We continue with Part 2 of the step by step Ultimate guide to a perfect first wedding dance, where you can quickly and easily learn a dance for your wedding day!

     In this part, we’re going to add styling and final touches to your fabulous first dance. 

     However, it would all make sense if you already have read the Ultimate Guide to a Perfect Wedding Dance Part 1.


5. Adding Style to Your Choreography

    After learning the steps for your choreographed routine, the dance will take on different forms and it may become personalized to you. With enough time planned out, it would be a good idea to add a few finishing touches like arm styling and playful gestures to each other.

    Your dance teacher will add specific moves to complement each other. When you take your lessons, allow time for your body to achieve a strong foundation of muscle memory first. Then let the teachers add styling so that your mind and body will be ready to do two things at one time.

     You may not have your full range of motion or the comfort in your wedding dress yet, so it would be a good idea to take the opportunity to schedule a one on one lesson with the instructor to work on the movements while wearing the official dress. Keep in mind that you need to be patient; knowing choreography is the first step, adding style is second and the ultimate goal is to look like you know what you’re doing together. So after all the walking, posing, and now the dancing, your wedding day will feel relaxed and well prepared. 

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6. Take Photos Throughout the Journey

    Whether or not you’re wearing cute practice attire or just relaxing in your favorite comfy sweats, it’s a nice idea to take some casual photos (Not Selfies) of your dancing before the big day. You’ll always want to remember those precious moments in film or photography.  So take in the moments that will last forever.  

7. Don't Wait to Do Your First Wedding Dance 

    For the brave and DIY people, your first wedding dance is going to be a big project to tackle. There are infinite choices for how to walk up to the dance floor, the proper presentation of each other, the different moves of the dance and also the famous concluding pose where you can decide to be either fun, dramatic or romantic.  

     This can all be achieved and personalized with ample amount of time with a professional. For the DIY people, I want to stress the complexity of this task without a skilled background. You don’t want to realize the week before your wedding that you were unable to get the dance the way you wanted because you thought you could do it yourself.

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     So for you, your new spouse and all the guests attending this grand event, please do them justice. This is crucial because we all know the first dance will be remembered throughout generations through photos and videos.  Swaying back and forth is just not interesting enough for the first dance!

Final Thought:

     To recap all the important points, please don't wait for the last minute and be aware that you should give yourself at least 6 months to be well prepared so that your expectations will be exceeded instead of falling short!  

     Allow your big day to be full of happiness. Learning to dance, in advance, will show your guests the graceful, elegant silhouette both of you have attained from taking dance lessons. Don’t cut corners when it comes to planning the best experience possible for your first dance!

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