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What Do I Wear For Social Dancing?

Posted by Arthur Murray North Seattle on Jul 15, 2016 10:08:18 PM


     You’ve finally decided to take the plunge and sign up for social dance classes; congratulations on this big step! 

     Now you’re asking yourself what do I wear for social dancing or when I want to go out dancing?  Don’t fret! This article will address all your questions. 

     Unlike other forms of dance, you will not be wearing a leotard or special uniform.  Instead you will be wearing clothes you already own.  You need to wear something appropriate but also personalized to you.

1. Wear something you can move in.

     This is not the time to wear skinny jeans that you cannot take big steps in or a skirt so short that you are pulling it down every two minutes. If you want to wear pants make sure they are an appropriate length and will not be dragging on the floor.

     If you prefer to wear a skirt or dress that you can move in, you might want to wear dance shorts (or some sort of spandex-like shorts) underneath just in case you do a fast turn that makes your skirt flare out. 

Example #1:

For men - the popular button down shirt with khaki pants.

For women - an “A-line” dress that hits at about the knee level.

2. Wear something you are comfortable in. 

     Stepping in the studio for the first time may be uncomfortable. Ideally, you should be as relaxed as possible but sometimes, that’s out of our control so let’s make sure the things we can control, such as what we wear,  makes us feel at ease!

     Even if the woman next to you in class, is wearing a gorgeous dress that flows beautifully as she turns, that does not mean you need to wear one too. It is more important that you are comfortable in what you are wearing instead of being paranoid about how you look in it.

Example #2:

For men - A button down shirt with tie and cardigan or vest on top with comfortable corduroy pants.

For women - leggings with a well tunic that is not too loose.

3. You might want to wear layers.

     Dance studios and ballrooms tend to be kept cooler so that you don’t get so sweaty while dancing. It is a good idea to wear something over your shirt such as a sweater or light jacket because you might be cold when you first arrive.

     Then, as you dance and get warmer, you can remove that layer to stay cool. 

Example #3:

For men - A V-neck with blazer or a nice collared polo with well fit slacks.

For women -nice slacks with a button up top layered with a cardigan.

4. Wear something that brings you confidence.

     As you learn to dance, you’re going to become very aware of your posture and upper body as you work to improve it.

     Wear something that will remind you to show off your presence. Baggy sweat pants will not make you feel radiant; start looking now like the star you want to become.

     “Dress to impress” like you would when you go out on the town to dance.

Final Thought:

     Play around with your clothing so that you find something you feel content but also poised in. Remember that, just like our dancing we wouldn’t wait until we go out to dance our best, so use the studio for a place to try out the same outfits you might want to go out it.  Have fun with it!  You’ll find that once you get your own style it will make you feel like the best version of yourself and your posture and dancing will likely improve dramatically to match your attitude!

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