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What to Expect from Your First Arthur Murray Medal Ball Experience – Questions Answered!

Posted by Igor K on Oct 9, 2016 10:39:01 PM


     When wondering if you should go to your first Arthur Murray event, it can feel intimidating.  You have now gotten the basics of moving down but still may not feel comfortable dancing in front of people who you have never met before, especially professionals that will be giving you feedback.  

     Luckily, Arthur Murray Medal Ball is the perfect first dance event experience for new dancers. It is a celebration of dance and your individual accomplishments as a student, whether that’s learning the very first step of a new dance or graduating into Gold Level!

1. I’m a beginner. Can I still go?

     Any level can and is encouraged to participate – Yes, you read that correctly!  There’s a place for everyone from brand new dancers to people with years of practice. The way the event is set up is not competitive, so you will not feel worried that you’re not “good enough”.  

     Even though you only sign up for two dances to perform, there are other times during the event to have fun and get out on the floor.

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2. Will there be other people on the floor with me?

     You don’t have to dance alone - As a beginner student, there will always be other couples dancing beside you and your partner. So you will never have to feel like “all eyes are on you.”  But one day, when you feel ready there is the opportunity to shine and do a graduation solo once you reach certain milestones.

3. Can I dance with other students from different studio?

     It’s like one big “practice party”- There are many breaks for “general dancing” where everyone gets on the floor and dances socially just like the practice parties at the local studio you are already used to. It’s even more exciting though because you get to meet and dance with other students from different Arthur Murray Studios and the beautiful ballroom floors at these events are very big to accommodate all the dancers!

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4. I’m just a beginner. Why should I go?

     You get a sneak peek of the future- At the event, you get the opportunity to watch students in higher levels out on the floor and in their Graduation Solos. You also see professionals do Medal Demonstrations.  

     There is even a “professional show” segment to the event where you can see the talent of teachers and other professionals as they perform.   These elements allow you to see what can become of your own dancing.  You can start to see the difference of skills in each level and use this to decide which caliber you want your dancing to progress to.  

5. What else can I get out of Medal Ball as a beginner?

     Appreciate the variety Arthur Murray has to offer - There are such a multitude of dance styles offered through Arthur Murray that, it would be extremely rare that you’ve seen them all through your local studio.  

The Medal Ball gives you the perfect chance to see many dances performed that you have not even been introduced to yet and if you see something you like you can make a mental note and talk to your teacher about adding it to your program!  

Final Thought:

     As you can see, Medal Ball is the perfect first event for any student whether they’re an experienced dancer or not.  You will find yourself looking forward to it every year with great anticipation.  Whether you will be featured because your graduating into a new level or you just want to be there for the social aspect of meeting new people,  you will certainly “have a ball” at the ball!

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